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About Breakfast at Six, and Founder, Sarah Waston

Breakfast at Six satisfies the appetite for a beautiful lingerie shopping experience - serving Black women - by expounding on our illustrious rich culture, upstanding love and vivid body constructs.  With that in mind, we create curated, themed lingerie collections and lifestyle products. 
Lingerie in itself is an aphrodisiac, we are all about infusing the two worlds of senses to create a lingerie brand fit for a memorable scene. 


This space nurtures an awakening of joint experiences driven by spontaneity in its purest form that enables our six babes to be fearless, sensual and confident. 


All of our lingerie products are designed in Detroit, MI. Sarah heads the design and creative direction, along with the hand-making process. Each season cycle is filled with gathering inspiration and concepts, sourcing materials that fit the mood and executing detailed instructions on how each garment should be made. 

Sarah created Breakfast at Six to represent her community in an elevated, tasteful yet sultry capacity. She believes every woman should have that feeling of a special, intimate 1:1 shopping experience, and this brand is built around understanding that and meeting every need one body at a time. 


From handmade lingerie collections, to curated partnerships, Sarah has served as the Designer and Creative Director with the foundation of ideals, inspiration, mood setting and onward to seasonal production.