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How to Increase Intimacy in your Relationship

Intimacy & Sex are not mutually exclusive. Breakfast at 6 blogs about why both are necessary for a happy and healthy relationship.

You don’t have to get busy to enjoy the benefits of intimacy in your relationships. Trying any of these are sure to hit the spot, bring you closer together, and make life better.

Muah! Pucker up!

Close your eyes, take a breath and plant your lips on your partner’s for at least 60 seconds every day. It’s scientifically proven that a kiss dilates your blood vessels, reduces your blood pressure, and increases your blood flow. The trick here is not to anticipate more than the kiss, but to enjoy it as it’s own reward.

Heat It Up in the Kitchen.

Let’s be real here, tag teaming in the kitchen requires a lot of listening, concentration, and conversation. All of those sound like a good recipe for strengthening bonds and communication. Have fun and make something neither of you have tried. The spontaneity and anticipation is a great way to add spice to a date night.

Read a Book. Together.

Mental Stimulation is a core aspect of intimacy that gets lost in this digital age we grown accustomed to. Back in the day love stories unfolded in the worn and tattered pages of books. Take an opportunity to get back to the basics and enjoy reading for pleasure while witnessing a love story unfold as we cultivate ours.These black authors are a great place to start.

Couples that devote time to one another and maintain their sexual desire.

Write a Love Letter. 

Another classic expression that’s nostalgic yet has never lost its edge: letter writing. We’re going to suggest going all out and write your letter by hand, drop it in the mail and let the mail man deliver your heart first class. There is nothing like reading sentiments from the one you love to make you feel appreciated, affirmed, and wanted. The effort you put in will definitely not go unnoticed.

Tune in to Turn on? 

study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found long-term couples who are responsive to each other outside the bedroom can maintain their sexual desire. This science-backed suggestion proves that when you eliminate distractions and show up for your partner they feel valued and heard, which in turn motivates them to reciprocate the same honor.

Adopt a Hobby.

While opposites attract finding the common thread in a relationship can create a ripple effect of intimacy. If you both like art or exercise, what’s standing int he way of enjoying your favorite past times together. There are benefits of support and togetherness that drowns out the isolation that can creep in when we’re less connected. Who doesn’t love non-negotiable quality time? 

Seek God & Pray.

It’s often said that lasting marriages happen when there are three people in covenant with one another: man, woman , and God. Spending time in prayer relieves the pressure felt by the partners and facilitates a release that can only be explained as God’s design. What better way to draw closer to one another than in a spiritual context where you’re submitted to a God that’s greater that you and more powerful than anything that could come again your relationship? A spiritual connection outlasts a physical connection every single time.

There are levels to touching in relationships. The simpler the touch, the more intimate the effect. Breakfast at 6 discusses touching as a way to increase intimacy without sex.

Physical Touch 101.

We’re calling this 101 because of the simplicity that emphasized in basic physical connection, like hugs, holding hands, cuddling.  Adding a few seconds to your embrace before you start the day, or a random Wednesday night foot rub are subtle reminders that you can be connected beyond the bedroom in ways that make your partner feel cared for. Don’t hesitate to whip out your essential oils and offer up a pre-bedtime massage.

Have Deep Conversations.

This is especially important for couples with hectic schedules, regular travel or dun dun dun… KIDS! Talking deeply and transparently about your fears, desires, and challenges makes room for compassion and empathy to grow in your relationship. Imagine sleeping next to someone you didn’t know simply because you didn’t ask the deep probing questions that melt away defenses. It can happen over time even in the most sexually-satisfying marriages when external factors start to take precedence over the union. Intimacy is about seeing another person at their core and a good, stay-up-all night conversation is a great way to peel back the layers and get to the heart matters.

Whether your love life is the best you’ve ever experienced or need some maintenance, the benefits of these tips are too good to be ignored. Try a few and let us know how you like them. Follow us on social: –> @Breakfast_AtSix

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