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Good Loving in the Mornin'




Written by Sarah Waston

I think it’s safe to say, we can all attest to the fact that love in the morning really sets the tone for the day, hopefully a good, high pitch tone. Whether you are a mom, in exploration phase, or long distancing it and visiting bae for the week, this little piece of advice is for you for keeping things LIT in the sunrise hours.



Let’s just be straight forward. If you are with man, sometime man need clue.

(Sorry, not sorry that was funny LOL) But yes, sometime men need clues that you’re anticipating and open to their advances early in the morning. If you do ANYTHING in the kitchen in the morning before you’re off to work- cook, put on a cup of coffee, fix kids lunches in the morning, let’s make it a habit to not look like Miss Butterworth while doing so. To avoid this, we would recommend taking just six minutes extra at night or in the morning to throw on something intimate to wear while you are running around the house. WE SWEAR it’s something about being lacey and cute that boosts a woman’s confidence to no avail – and the scarf in your hair turns invisible when everything else is on point, considering the time of day it is. Your partner would treat you like eye candy in the most respectable way possible, and you smile knowing that your power extends beyond your voice. It’s in your hips, it’s in your walk, it’s in your posture – everything changes for the good. YOU deserve to feel that way, sis. Sunny side up just refers to serving those two cheeks on a platter… early in the morning. Just try it and DM us on our IG and tell us thank you later lol 


For my health nuts that drink two glasses of water in the morning before they eat a meal. Throw some ice cubes in the sides of your mouth and wake your partner up with your own ice bucket challenge. We don’t anticipate them being upset about this one. Not only is it a fun way to wake up, it’s fun to give this gift as well. There’s laughing, sexing and releasing of all types of energy. It’s all about creating new, exciting vibes with your partner. Why not?


Techies!!! Where you at? If your bluetooth is always paired to speakers in your home, have you ever played a specific playlist every morning? If so, how about one that wasn’t just centered around money making, or boss moves (while that’s all good), switch it up and start the day with something sensual. The melody and tone of the songs set the mood in the evening time when you go out on dates or in the car, so just play it in the least expected of times. We like to think of it as a mating call, an aphrodisiac, once you hear a completely different tone, especially at an unpredictable time like the morning – bae would be sure to take heed to this switch up and you become the magnet.



Yes, We said it, Toy Story. How about this…. Keep a “friend” by the side of your bed. If you wake up before bae, turn it on, turn YOU on. I’m sure the sound alone will get their attention and will make them want to join in on some quickie fun. Whether you have long leisurely mornings, or quick, rush out the door schedules, your toy can be the spokesperson of your needs, and you can get right to it. 



For the ones that wake up late, or barely can wake up at all- this one’s for you…Just hop in the shower together! This is a great to-do for many reasons.

  1. It kills two birds with one stone, I’m not sure who CAN take a shower without sexing even just a little bit, so here’s your time to shine. Get waxed, and washed at the same time – you will be the ultimate multi-tasking woman around AND your day is made already once you release all of those endorphins. 
  2. It boosts your confidence! Honestly, in those mornings I feel yuck, either externally or internally, a little bit of sensual touch and foreplay in the shower goes a long way and truthfully, with the shower head dripping, you can feel like a movie star lol now WHICH kind of movie, is your choice based on your level of comfort of course
  3. Building intimacy- if you’re a woman who loves and craves intimacy, this is a moment you can share with your partner that should be a no-brainer for them. Yes, it’s 2020, but you can’t put it past some people that they know what sensuality is, or what gets you going in the best way possible. No one is a mind reader, but when you’re in the shower together, it’s a brand new way of communicating that mind reading just can’t touch.

What are some spicy things you do in the morning to set the tone for your day? We wanna know, let’s keep this conversation going!